Set the date for AC maintenance from Comfort Air

With the heat of summer on the way, there is no better time to schedule your AC maintenance. Comfort Air is southwest Mississippi’s source for a quality tune-up that will save you money on your electric bill, increase your system’s number of years, and help prevent a major air conditioner breakdown.

Reasons to schedule a tune-up

AC maintenanceHere are just some of the reasons that you should schedule AC maintenance from Comfort Air before the summer begins:

  • Without a tune-up, your AC system can become inefficient. Over the winter, dust, dirt, and grime pile up in your unit, blocking vents and air channels. When that happens, your AC system has to work harder to get cold air to its ultimate destination: the interior of your home. All that hard work, just to get by. Instead, have the certified pros at Comfort Air inspect and clean your system. We’ll make sure it’s getting you the best energy efficiency possible.
  • Without AC maintenance, you’re shortening the life of your system. In fact, a regular tune-up from a trained technician can be the difference between your system lasting 15 years and it lasting 20. That’s five years that you don’t have to purchase a new system for! Have Comfort Air’s technicians work with your system annually, and you’ll give it a better chance of reaching old age.
  • Skipping a tune-up means you’re taking on greater risk. As parts begin to loosen and moving pieces lose lubricant, they begin to risk a breakdown that shuts down the entire system. That means you’ll be needing to make repairs in the hottest months of summer. Maintenance doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have an issue, but it greatly reduces the risk of a breakdown.

Here’s what we look at:

When you hire Comfort Air, you’ll receive a thorough tune-up and inspection from an industry-trained, experienced technician. Our personnel service all makes and models, and can tune up any air conditioner.

  • We perform calibrations to make sure every part of your AC system is working the way it should. If there’s something that’s broken, we’ll address it and let you know what we’ve fixed.
  • We check your filter to make sure it’s clean of dirt, dust, and pollutants. Then, we’ll test your AC unit for any air leaks that could compromise your cooling performance. If leaks do exist, we’ll make sure they’re patched professionally and effectively.
  • We’ll clean your evaporator and condenser coils, and make sure your system is aligned with your home’s temperature and your family’s comfort needs. After all, you don’t want to pay for air conditioning that you’re not going to use.

Choose Comfort for your AC maintenance

We’re southwestern Mississippi’s source for quality, efficient cooling and heating services, including maintenance, repair, and installation. Since 1994, we’ve been providing McComb and surrounding areas with HVAC knowledge and service from industry-trained technicians.

Learn more about Comfort Air and the areas we service. Schedule your AC tune-up today!

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