Too much humidity in your home can lead to some bad things. Mold. Mildew. Bacteria growth. Basically, a lot of stuff you don’t want in your house. And as we all know, it’s easy for homes in Southwest Mississippi and the surrounding areas to build up humidity. So how do you combat it?

While air conditioning systems tend to do a pretty good job of minimizing humidity, that’s not their primary purpose. Minimizing humidity is, however, the primary purpose of a dehumidifier, making a dehumidifier the best solution for keeping humidity under control.

But not all dehumidifiers are built alike. There are actually several kinds, all designed for specific purposes and types of homes. They include:

  • Heat pump dehumidifiers, which collect indoor air, pass it through a heat pump and redistribute it into your home as dry, warm air.
  • Basement dehumidifiers, which keep the air in your basement from becoming over-saturated.
  • Whole home dehumidifiers, which cover large areas, ensuring the entire house is dehumidified.
  • Chemical absorbent dehumidifiers, which use silica gel to expel damp air out of a home.

Which option is best for you? Let the dehumidifier experts at Comfort Air help you narrow it down. Our dehumidification experts will assess the humidity in your home, as well as the size of your house, to determine the best dehumidification system for you.

At Comfort Air we have been providing indoor air quality services to homes throughout McComb, Natchez, Brookhaven and Jackson MS and the surrounding areas since the early 90’s. So if you’re considering enhancing your home’s air quality, contact Comfort Air today to set up an appointment. We will be happy to help you with all of your humidification and dehumidification needs.


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