Duct Installation

Proper duct installation is one of the key facets in ensuring an HVAC system is running efficiently.  Unfortunately, 70% of new duct-work is installed improperly due to HVAC contractors looking to cut corners.  The results: Heating and cooling systems working ineffectively and higher utility bills.

At Comfort Air we take pride in our work.  This extends to our duct installation and duct replacement services.  When we install or replace duct-work, we take the time to make sure it’s done correctly.  This means we follow a very strict process that involves carefully assessing your current duct system and determining if duct replacement is necessary or if simple duct repairs will suffice. If duct replacement is needed we’ll correctly size the new ducts we install to ensure they’re the proper fit for your heating and cooling system. Following the duct installation we’ll go back and carefully check our work to make sure your new duct work is properly circulating air into your home.

After initial duct installation or replacement, you’ll want to make sure your ducts remain clean.  For that, we offer comprehensive duct cleaning services that extend the life of your HVAC system and keep the air in your house healthy.

A properly installed, well-maintained duct system is key to the long-term effectiveness of your heating and cooling system.  If you’re in need of duct installation or duct repair services, contact Comfort Air today.  We have been installing and replacing custom duct work in homes in across Southwestern MS since 1994.  We’ll make sure your duct work is installed or repaired properly, saving you time, money and problems down the road.


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