How Humidity Effects Air Conditioner Performance

Here’s how summer humidity impacts your air conditioner’s performance

The increase in humidity during the summers often drives homeowners to turn down the thermostat in order to stay cool inside the house. The air conditioner is effective at dealing with summer humidity because it both cools the air and saps the moisture from it. In case of high levels of humidity, however, the air […]

It’s important to keep your AC condensate drain pipe clean

Maintenance of the air conditioner is important. Regular tune-ups will help ensure fewer repairs and increased cooling efficiency. When it comes to maintenance of the air conditioner, even small tasks such as keeping the AC condensate line clean and clear can prevent costly problems in the long-run. The AC condensate drain is an important component […]

Myths that Cost you Money

Here’s 3 AC repair myths that could wind up costing you money

A lot of things in modern homes allow for comfortable living, and an air conditioner ranks high on the list. As the temperatures rise in McComb and the surrounding areas, most of us become ever more reliant on the cooling a functioning air conditioner provides. When it comes to maintaining your air conditioner, you may […]