3 Things to Consider Before Hiring an AC Technician

Here are 3 things to consider before hiring an AC technician

An air conditioner is a big investment. It’s important that you treat it right—and hire people who will treat it right. You will end up paying more for poor quality work if you do not research before hiring an AC technician. Here are three things that you should consider before hiring an AC technician for your AC repair or AC […]

Why you Should Schedule an AC Tune-up this Summer

Why you should schedule a summer AC tune-up with Comfort Air

Air conditioner tune-ups rank low on most people’s to-do list during the summer. However, you should consider scheduling a summer AC tune-up as it can save you money in different ways. Scheduling maintenance may cost a little, but it will save you lots of money in the long run. Here are five benefits of scheduling […]

How Humidity Effects Air Conditioner Performance

Here’s how summer humidity impacts your air conditioner’s performance

The increase in humidity during the summers often drives homeowners to turn down the thermostat in order to stay cool inside the house. The air conditioner is effective at dealing with summer humidity because it both cools the air and saps the moisture from it. In case of high levels of humidity, however, the air […]